Our Quality Policy

SAMPAŞ solutions suit and exceed the needs and expectations of its customers in an environment - and human-friendly manner, in line with its vision and mission.

SAMPAŞ is among the few companies that have signed Global Compact in Turkey.

In line with internationally recognized quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001, SAMPAŞ is :

  • Constantly improving the performance of the company with contributions of its employees in every stage of production and support processes;
  • Communicating company goals to its employees regularly and keeping these communication channels open;
  • Reviewing the nonconformities in the system via planned administrative measures and making the necessary corrections;
  • Operating in accordance with the national and international legislations, to which it is subjected in terms of the safety of environmental and occupational health;
  • Providing a healthy and safe work environment for the people working on behalf of the organization;
  • Closely monitoring the technological developments and working with the aim of maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Recently SAMPAŞ has been deemed worthy of advancing to CMMi Level 3 as a result of quality improvements undertaken and education investments made over a significant period of time.