SAMPAŞ has represented Smart Cities Concept in "GREAT"

"British Business Summit" has been organized under the auspices of Fiona Woolf (Lord Mayor of City London) by United Kingdom Trade & Investment Agency between the dates 17-18 of March in Istanbul.

SAMPAŞ Executive Board Member Ateş Gönen participated in "Smart Cities: Towards an Integrated World" panel in the "Technology Is Great" session of the summit. Gönen stated that the proliferation of the participatory democracy and the interactivity of the citizens with the local government applications have vital importance on the smart city concept and said "E-Government, private sector and municipalities have to work in a citizen-oriented and integrated way for the smart city concept. SAMPAŞ has developed Intelligent City Automation System (AKOS) with this vision and proceeded to perform e-municipality systems with pioneer technologies.".

The participants have discussed the contribution of the mobile technologies to the financial and social development in Turkey, smart cities and the venture fund subjects in the "Technology Is Great" session. "Mobile Technologies & The Future Ahead of Us", "Digital Economy - Connected, Disruptive and Addictive" and "Advanced Manufacturing - The Rise of Machines" topics were also discussed in the summit. 

The "Technology" session which let the Turkish and British companies to investigate the collaboration opportunities has ended with "Financing Technology - Venture Capital Angle" panel that was jointly organized with the "Finance Is Great" session of the summit.   

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