Payment Systems Management Vision

With AKOS Card, relevant supports shall be sent to needers in the most modern way and new service model awareness is becoming widespread in social responsibility services.

SAMPAŞ Payment Systems Management consists of all services created by electronic cards, hardware equipment (readers), software infrastructure, operating processes, communication network and member places field services, which provide convenience to municipality to conduct collection of municipality services they are responsible for recognition.

Conventional “money” has changed its shape with SAMPAŞ Payment Systems Management and continues its functionality in electronic environment. So, it has become possible for citizens to use SAMPAŞ AKOS cards so as to conduct their transactions in related corporations with facility and confidence and benefit from all public and municipality services in the city in an efficient way.

Also, our municipalities contribute to spreading of a new service model awareness in social responsibility services by transmitting relevant supports to those in need in the most modern way with AKOS Card.